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Thread: Keeping tally of your brass.

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    Keeping tally of your brass.

    How do you all keep tally of how many times you've fired your brass. I never bothered to much now need some new and want to be more organised. I just reload when I'm down to 5 or 6 and chuck everything in the tumbler as I go but some could have been fired 5 or 6 more than others

    Cheers james

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    Store in separate containers each marked with x fired and x trimmed

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    Quote Originally Posted by timbrayford View Post
    Store in separate containers each marked with x fired and x trimmed
    Me too.

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    as above, shoot in batches and label it when stored. I tend to prep and load all my ammo in one sitting and then work my way through it all and then repeat - this way i don't have many overlapping to worry about.

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    I try and run with batches of 50 cases or less. The 50 cases live in a specific box throughout their lives. Firstly as prep'd brass, then loaded rounds, then a mix of loaded and fired rounds and finally back to all the cases being fired. I process that batch of cases as a single batch through each step of brass preparation.

    I've some brass that's reached its 12th firing.



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    Persona!ly I don't bother check all brass when preping bin anything that's not up to scratch.

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    I use one batch of brass, load it all put the used cases in a tub till I've fired all the rounds. Then resize, load, checking for wear and tare at each resizing. I can't get it wrong doing it this way !

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    I have one box of clean prepped brass and another of dirty fired brass, I load up 50 or so at a time and so they just get circulated that way, I use all the clean brass and then clean all the dirty stuff on a big batch so they are all going round like that.

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    I've been trying to stick to a system for over 20 years and never managed it yet! Like Bogtrotter, I just check everything as I'm prepping the cases. I use quik case trimmers so it's really easy to check the length and trim back regularly.

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    I simply use a Sharpie pen to mark the number of times fired.
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