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Thread: Cooper tyres - advise needed

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    Cooper tyres - advise needed

    Looking at purchasing a new set of tyres for the Hilux and thinking of buying
    Cooper Discoverer AT3 All Terrain
    Seen some at a good price.
    I know the compromise better they are on the road = worse they are off road
    In honesty I'm about 80% road & 20% off road but the off road is proper hard going stuff.
    At present I have Mastercraft Courser AT's on and they've been ok - good.
    I'm restricted by the fact they're 17" wheels so choice is a little limited and cost, can't afford to shell out a fortune, I need all 4 changing
    Advise welcomed from anyone with experience with these tyres.
    PS don't really want to go remould or retread cheap

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    Cant comment on that model but i run stt in winter and zeon ltz in summer and are both great tyres

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    i have had the at3 on my hilux for twelve months now and found them to be quite on the motorway and fairly good on slipery forest tracks an fields .on my previous car a toyota land cruiser i ran bfg at and they were superb much better than the at3s.
    i would still use the bfg at but find them to be to expensive in the 17 inch size

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    I run the Cooper Discoverer AT3 on my Navara. Like you, I do a far bit of running around on the road but I do need to get dirty every now and again.

    To put a context on this... I run up to Scotland on the motorway to shoot but use my truck to get in to the forestry to carry out my forestry and tree surgery training so need the confidence in my truck to get any injuries out of the training ground should it be needed (god forbid)

    These tyres have provided everything I need.

    I can sit at 70+ on the M6 and not wander around or be deafened/driven insane by the hum (pretty much non existent) yet get myself to some pretty difficult sites for my work.

    just be realistic about what you want to achieve with your vehicle. I don't think you will be disappointed with the Coopers. ive done 30k on mine so far and will buy 4 more when ive done another 60k!!

    Hope that helps

    Big bloke... but outta shape

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    Used these on my last truck with no problems done forty thousand miles with them and we're still legal when sold .Will put them on my new truck when they need done not as good as Bfg but a good compromise.

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    I haven't tried cooper tyres but I'd definitely go all terrain, I ran chunky mud terrains for years and just recently switched to BFG AT's. They are so much nicer on the road and I get an extra 40 miles out of every tank. But the other thing is they are just as good off road. Over the years working in tree work and forestry I have been stuck on occasion, but tbh tyre choice makes very little difference. Getting stuck is usually driver error anyway. I have been well impressed with the AT's, done about 40k on them not been stuck and they have loads of life yet..

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    Thumbs up

    Have the Cooper AT3's on my Shogun SWB, 40k on them and still loads of life left in them, good offroad, and in snow, slight road noise at high speeds, nothing to write home about though!! Paid 94 each when i bought them 3 years ago, good value, highly recommended

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    Thanks for the replies it's nice to hear positive reports from people using these tyres so I think that's what I'm going to go with 😀👍🏻

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    had them on my ranger and they were as other have said but when it got soft i got stuck never had this when I had BFG M&S

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    I had the AT3's on my Hi-Lux and to start with thought they were very good, but once they got to about 35,000 miles they suddenly seemed to perform very poorly on wet roads, to the point of being dangerous! It was as though the compound changed!

    I replaced with a set of Michelin AT2 tyres which are without exception the best grip I've had on-road and perform well on grass and forest tracks. Also reasonable in snow and mud but in the rain I have 100% confidence in them, they are superb when road is damp or running with water. The downside is the wear. I reckon they will be done by about 28,000 miles.

    The BFG AT I think still remains the longest wearing off-road tyre available but it doesn't perform well in my experience in the wet on-road. I've had them on pick-ups, Land-rover's and Isuzu Troopers.

    Don't know what happened with my set of Coopers because up until that point I was very pleased with them. Maybe I was just unlucky????

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