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Thread: Gunsmith wanted conversant with Mannlicher

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    Gunsmith wanted conversant with Mannlicher

    The single set trigger on my Mannlicher has become erratic and needs attention.
    Can anyone recommend a competent smith in NW England or South Scotland who understands these triggers?

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    It should be fixable without to much of a problem !
    It's a shame I am to far away or I would take a look for you !
    Good luck

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    Triggers are not a terribly complicated assembly and when the action is removed from the stock problems may usually be seen & tested quite easily.
    If the issue has happened over time, it may well be gunge fouling that a good cleaning will resolve.

    The assembly itself is located with a couple of pins that a small pin punch will remove for closer diagnosis.
    But I'd guess you wouldn't need to go that far to resolve the issue unless a part (spring) has actually broken.
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    Ive worked on several Mannlichers, what is the problem.

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