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Thread: Nightforce flip-up lens caps

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    Nightforce flip-up lens caps

    I ordered a set of these for my Nightforce NXS 3-15x50 in February they cost 91.98 and took 6 months to arrive.

    In a nut shell don't bother, noisy to open and close and you need a quite a firm movement but best of all the objective cover fouls the barrel when mounted so it would open upwards, so I have had to rotate it 90 degrees so it opens to the side and it still catches a little bit.

    A right Royal waste of time and money, should have stuck to the Butler creeks :-(

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    I just stick to the nightforce rubber ones, I keep them on the tube using cut bike inner tubes.

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    I bought a Vortex objective cover. Folds flat on the scope and is much stronger than that BC crud. 20
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