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Thread: Has anyone tried the Hatsan 900X air rifle?

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    Has anyone tried the Hatsan 900X air rifle?

    Hello everyone.

    I'm looking for a cheap air rifle to sort out squirrels in my back garden as they've learned to avoid the cage traps (I think they're all now descendants of the ones who were never caught) and the rat who raids the compost bin. I assume he isn't alone. Ideally I need a silenced one as I have a lot of neighbours. I'm not going to be shooting at ranges longer than 15m, so I really don't think a scope is essential, and I don't need target-grade accuracy, I just want to knock over the odd rodent. Having done a little research, I've come across the Hatsan 900X, imported by Edgar Brothers, and what's more there's a shop near my work that has them in stock. Does anyone have any experience of these?

    Hatsan Arms .22 900X Break Barrel - Spring New Air Rifle for sale. Buy for 90.

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    You gets what you pays for PM. Personally at that price I'd want to shoot it to see how quiet and how accurate it is. But even with a moderator any "springer" will still betray itself with that characteristic "twang" as you fire it. Maybe a pump-up might, I don't know, be less noisy?

    Secondhand will usually be a better option and I'd try any of the gunshops in the London area to see what they have in stock that they haven't listed on their websites. And, of course, I am sure you are aware of the "new" law that applies to any projectile leaving your error or accident or not!

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    Oh yes, safe backstops all round, don't worry. As for the twang, I'm not that worried. It's the bang that I want to avoid. No-one cares much about the twang. The point isn't to avoid scaring rats, it's to avoid scaring neighbours. But I'll go to the shop tomorrow and have a look.

    You'd think that up in Scotland they'd be giving away air rifles just now. I believe you can still order them by mail order, right? I realise it's a cheap gun, but for the limited use I have in mind, I'm not going to spend 500, although I do like those Air Arms rifles...

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    Good tip on the used air rifles: looks like they have a tonne of them, and some of them appear to be free...

    Emmett and Stone Used Air Rifles - Used Firearms - Gun Room

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pine Marten View Post
    Good tip on the used air rifles: looks like they have a tonne of them, and some of them appear to be free...

    Emmett and Stone Used Air Rifles - Used Firearms - Gun Room
    +1 for Emmett and Stone. Huge stock of air rifles. not far from M40 (Junction 4) and a little further from M4 (Junction 8/9). And they have an air rifle range on site so that you can try before you buy. Cracking butcher next to range too.

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    Oh, you can try before you buy? That's unheard of! Not once in my life have I ever been able to try a gun before buying it! I think I'll be bunking off work tomorrow afternoon...

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    Have read very good reports on this rifle from Remington and its cheap to boot, ok its no HW80 but would give you something else to look at.........

    Remington Express air rifle (SMK) review | Airguns Reviews | Gunmart

    Remington Express XP .22 Air Rifle Scope - Countryway Gunshop

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    A bit left field but have you thought about CCI CB Longs? I don't know where you live so don't know how feasible that is but they're unbelievably quiet through a moderated 22lr.
    In a similar scenario I have seen them used against rats/squirrels by baiting in front of some bags of sand from B&Q. Very safe backstop but obviously limits your shots to that spot only. Peanut butter is good for keeping them static for a minute, as is liquidised fish cat food.
    Any Questions Feel Free to PM me

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    Jim, this is a suburban garden with a school at the end of the garden, so not happening I'm afraid. I mean I have everything I need to despatch rodents, but not there unfortunately. But the garden is surrounded by a wooden fence, and I intend to shoot squirrels off the middle one which is lower than the surrounding ones, so no pellet should ever leave the garden. And the rats are on top of the compost bin or on the ground, so again, pellets going nowhere.

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    Pellets bounce for a pass time on a lot of material and will pass through most commonly used fence panels, what if you miss low on the middle fence and the pellet skips off the top straight over the fence behind?

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