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Thread: FN m98 build

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    FN m98 build

    Hi, prompted by the recent suitability of the M98 action thread, I thought I would post my latest build by the excellent Gary and Caleb Whitcombe of Artisan Forge, Pershore.
    It's an FN Herstal action, A .308 Shultz and Larson 161/2" barrel, CDI bottom metal, Recknagel rail, an old PH scout stock. SL5 mod.
    I can't wait to zero it and get out in the woods with it!!


    Click image for larger version. 

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    I may be a little biased having known Gary since I was 16 (which is a long time ago), but he does excellent work and Caleb is taking the business to new heights. They have done some great work for me and I am happy to say that everyone I have recommended them to have been thrilled with their work!

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    Very pretty and a wonderful action. Should have been a classic Mauser calibre, but that is just my opinion, probably prompted by jealousy.


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    does it need a rail?
    seems a waste given the mount positions and raises the scope up very high

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    I like the shape of the trigger guard. That and the detachable mag make an old rifle look very nice/modern.

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    Hi Simon, Brewsher,
    Simon, yes they understand accuracy in there equipment and how to achieve it in their work! And they are always ready to indulge my projects which always shoot accurately! And also feeds my caffeine addiction with a mean Turkish coffee!
    Bewsher, you are right it did not really need it, but the back threads had been bodged and were off center. So my solution was to tin it in place. Which solved the problem inexpensively! On my 9.3x62 0n a comercial FN action I have used Talley mounts and Rings which to my eye is very elegant!

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    I like it , a reliable and practical rig , now I want one .


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