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Thread: Not shooting today 😔

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    Not shooting today 😔

    Afternoon all,

    Seems a bit weird introducing myself, like an Alcoholics Anonymous group..... Again!

    I'm Dan, and I've been shooting about 4 years now!

    Richie092 suggested I come over here from another forum as I've just put in a variation request for some bigger toys. I currently have a few shotguns, a CZ455 .17HMR that I love and a Ruger 10/22.
    I'm putting in for a second .22, .223 and .243 though on the advice of Richie I am now considering a .308 also as waiting times in Kent can be severe and I may want a trip up to Scotland one day. Apparently they like it a bit bigger up there?

    I've been on a paid stalk, but it wasn't a great experience and certainly not worth the 5 hour round trip. It was also a blank unfortunately, but that happens. I do have access to land with the occasional fallow in Kent and Sussex but will be looking at DSC1 and probably DSc2 before going at it alone.

    Other than that, I'm 30, married with 3 girls and am rapidly losing my hair. Just started doing a bit of fishing again with the kids who have also been shooting a couple of times with me. I'm a sales Rep now but spent 10 years as a chef so nothing wasted in my house, if we don't eat it the Labrador or ferrets do.

    Will be sniffing around the forum for a little while picking up some tips and hopefully will be able to contribute in the future.


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    Great to see you over here Dan. I have learnt loads from the guys on here.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Welcome along, great site to be part of and learn from

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    Thanks guys, been some interesting reads so far!

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    Welcome to the SD Danny from another Kent member.

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