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Thread: Folding 18cm saw Lidl's

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    Folding 18cm saw Lidl's

    Picked up what looks like a descent 18cm blade folding saw made by florabest at Lidl's Stowmarket today.
    The description on the packet is:
    Folding saw, High quality carbon steel sawblade. Triple ground teeth for clean cutting with less effort. Ideal for wood in the garden, also suitable for plasterboard and plastic pipes. Safe handling with blade-lock and soft grip handle.
    2.99 code on receipt is 0273709

    Whilst I know that it's not a Silky saw, I will take my chances for that money and thought that there may be one or two others on the site who might want to take a trip down to their local Lidl's?

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    Ayer a few years as a tree surgeon I know the benefits of a good Silky but I too have ventured down the cheap route since. In my case it was Asda and it was a fixed pruning saw in a sheath for (the 50% reduced) price of 1.99

    It was so good I went back and bought all that were on the shelf, I could have had 20 of them for the price of one Silky and although each blade probably won't last as long they definitely will last a lot longer than 1/20th the time. I'm a big fan of the Aldi/Lidl special buys and I've no doubt these saws will be a good purchase too.

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    Got the aldi 1 its not broken /failed yet in 2 years
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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    Sounds promising. I would hate to think that I had wasted such a vast sum!

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    I'v had one for a few years cuts like a sharp thing and is that cheap it won't hurt when it some day gives out, perfect for the hide makers and twig haters alike

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    I have had One for a few years. Mostly used for cutting Hazel wands.
    very good for the price!
    I even got a spare blade with mine!

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