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Thread: dyslexia

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    Hello Admin, Is there any chance you could put a spell checker function in the tool bar ?.
    Some of us older guys who are dyslexic find it embaresing when, even after weve looked, we miss a misstake and some of our eagle eyed brothers piont out our misstakes.

    Dry Powder.


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    its not just all you old boys ha ha

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    Hi Barry,

    Unfortunately due to licensing issues a spellchecker is not included with the forum software, however there are 3rd party solutions you can install in your browser that will work across all sites.

    I see you're using Firefox 3.6 and there is spelling built in.

    a) make sure you have the British English Dictionary installed and enabled. Check in Tools -> Addons. If it's there then make sure it's enabled.
    b) If it's not there then you can install it here:
    c) Right click in the box where you are typing and tick 'Check Spelling'

    Misspelled words will be highlighted and you can Right Click on them and correct, like in Word.


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    Thank you very much Alex.

    Dry Powder.


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    Use a word processor first like Microsoft Word or Works. Write your responces on there first, spell check and then copy and paste to site.

    Less than perfect but does work.

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    its not me its my computer and thinking faster than I type with 2 fingers

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    Hi Barry,

    If anybody wishes to make an issue out of spelling or the members that are dyslexic, then as far as im concerned they can........... well im sure you now what im saying.

    The content camoraderie and friendly posts regardless of punctuation, full stops etc ,etc are greatfully recieved and enjoyed by the majority of this site.

    We remain a friendly and receptive audience regardless of education or creed..

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Dyslexia rules K.O.

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    Another dyslexic here I don't know if you can do it on a PC but my MAC checks all spellings i type on the internet such as forums and emails its very helpful after all i wouldn't want to upset the spelling police


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    man standing in pub asks "Anyone know what D.N.A. stands for". "Yes" says second man, "It's something to do with your genes". "No", says first man, "It stands for National Dyslexic Association".

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