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Thread: Rail scope to sako rifle

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    Rail scope to sako rifle

    i have a sako 75 which I just bought and also I currently have a Zeiss victory ht rail scope.
    My question is what are my options for mounting the Zeiss to the optilock rails?

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    Alan Rhone is probably your man. He will be able to tell you your options and if he doesn't stock it can order it for you. Unfortunately it won't be cheap,but ultimately a far superior mounting system.

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    As Above Allan Rhone if he can't get it or make it then it can't be done

    from memory you you can get 2 rail bases that will attach to bottom of scope and then to a Sako dovetail mount so sort of like mounting an optilock ring

    maybe cost about 150 - 200 for the rail mounts but it'll be worth it

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    Thanks a lot gents. I'll check it out.

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