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Thread: What do you charge for venison for your friends?

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    What do you charge for venison for your friends?

    Getting quite a lot requests for meat from friends and have given some away but will have to start charging some sort of fair price otherwise better to keep it myself but having said that the freezers are rather full.

    what do you charge for say sausages, haunch, fillet per kilo of muntjac or roe?

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    I'm not charging my friends... a friend is a friend.

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    To sell venison you need to be registered with your local council as a food business, its quite simple to do and it keep you on the correct side of the law, as to price look it up on the net then sell cheaper than they can get it in the shops

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    Nothing if they are friends

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    You provide the meat, they provide the booze and cigars.

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    Nothing to friends.
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    Free of charge to mates
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    Nothing, although I am sometimes given an unasked for bottle of wine in exchange.

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    Nothing to family/friends but it gets my holidays covered and BIG dinners at the daughter,s
    she buys shoes i buy ,shooting,she stops buying shoes,il be amazed

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