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Thread: Burco for heads

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    Burco for heads

    Just got an old Burco that should be perfect for the job of boiling skulls - a quick question to the educated, do I need to modify it to get a rolling boil, as yet it is untested and it will be a while until I can get it going, I assume they are all the same so someone could save me a faff?

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    Just move the lid to make the opening bigger. Keep the switch to max. If antlers protrude and you can't get it to boil put a wet towel over. All works for me.Wf1

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    Brilliant, thank you - I would never have thought to leave the lid open to get more of a boil which is why I asked. Its a big floor standing one so will be fine for a few roe and I am a long way off needing it for anything bigger I think!

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