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Thread: MA-10 road Mallorca & goat shooting

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    MA-10 road Mallorca & goat shooting

    Well the title may be confusing but by the end you will get it .

    I'm out in sunny Mallorca or Majorca whichever way you prefer to call it sunning myself with the family in a villa out in the sticks.

    We are having a great time doing plenty of exploring in the hire car , few days ago drove from Pollensa area where we are staying to Port de Soller about 60 km on the MA-10 road ....OMG was fantastic the most scenic most dramatic road I've ever been on every part was amazing . You are literally driving a across a mountain range with shear drops and the countless bends and hairpin turns with breathtaking scenery all the way.

    Well me and the kids loved the road but poor Debs was nearly in tears and hated it ( had to use a different road back ) . I later drove the MA-11A which is even more windy but hasn't got the dramatic views and the MA-2141 which is also good.

    Well I was so impressed with the MA-10 drive I got up 6am and did the drive again,
    During the drive i stopped at a stunning point overlooking a canyon and the valley below .

    Well it's 6 45 am I've seen no cars only 3 cyclists about 20 km back I've pulled the car over on a random stretch of road. I'm sat enjoying this majestic view as the morning sun is peeping over the mountains when ...BANG.... an unmoderated rifle goes off close to me .

    I jump out of my skin then hear the best ever echo I've ever heard in my life the rife boom & sonic crack is echoing and bouncing off the canyon walls for what seems like 15 seconds then a 2nd shot this echo goes on for ever .

    Well I'm intrigued I can't see anyone but I clamber onto a ledge and see two blokes and one has a rifle

    I think to myself go on , so I shout Buenos días ( good morning ) give a big friendly wave , I get the same in return . I shout in my bestest Welsh Spanish " I'll COME DOWN" and clamber down the 200m to meet them . Well there was a look of surprise and bemusement on their faces when a 18st Welsh man dressed on shorts sandals & bubber gump shrimp t-shirt appears out of nowhere.

    I say my hello's shake their hands ( they are still looking at me like I got 2 heads ) I pop out my phone and show them pics of the deer and foxes I've bagged , their English is poor but better than my Spanish but next thing we are all laughing and chatting about shooting . They then can't wait to take me to 2 goats they have bagged ( balearean goat hybrids ) well two good size kids about Roe buck size .

    Michael & Peter my new Malorcan friends seemed chuffed another shooter was there . They loved the idea of deer shooting and fox shooting as only goats and odd feral pig about for the rifle with them, but plenty of game shooting.

    I help sort out the goats and help carry back to the road
    Say my goodbyes shake their hands and back for a 9am breakfast with debs and the kids.

    Well every morning when I'm supping my coffee on the veranda out here there is shotgun shooting around where im staying until about 8pm , it looks like people bagging rabbits and pigeons / doves before going to work . It looks like there are plenty of doves and pigeons. Not that the good wife would know as she doesn't finish hibernating until 8:30 --0900 each morning.

    So I'm now sipping a glass of red watching fishing on sky with the AC blowing a nice refreshing 19Deg C on me .

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    Well done nice turn of events.

    We just returned from the Bonairie Malpas area which is just south of you, we are luckily in having a family villa there so go every year.

    Goats are quite plentiful in the hills behind our place and heard a few shots last week. We see goat on the local restaurant menu's but have always been tempted to try other things - maybe we'll give it a try next year...

    Certainly missing the weather since our return for quality stalking & shooting accessories

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    I know what you mean about the weather , parents and friends have been sending WhatsApp pictures from back home. I'm blowing the froth off a cold one while sat by the pool .

    Your very lucky having access to a family villa out here i've been trying to convince the good wife about a villa for yrs as she did like the all inclusive places ( which I hated) the problem with the AI is you don't tend to stray too far from the hotel and dont get to see much and experience a lot of the country your in . She liked the AI as she was worried she would be rushing about cooking and cleaning .

    We go out every other day exploring ( I am with 3 girls who do love doing nothing ) for a morning or afternoon

    I've just asked her the same question and it's 100%
    Villa .

    As i text me and misses sat in the sun all I can here is the birds singing sheep and goats bleating and the gurgle of the pool . I've just prepared tonight's dinner of giant prawns and octopus for us just wait until it cools down a tad before I fire up the bbq.

    Life is good .

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    We were in the SE of the island a couple of weeks ago in a villa in Mondrago, lovely but I did think about heading up north for a go at the Boc having seen this video (there is one with the rifle on Team Wild somewhere)

    It looks like we all live in the West of the UK and thus need a bit of assured sun!

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    Hi Griffshrek
    I know the road you are talking about. It is indeed spectacular. Have you driven up to the Lighthouse at Cap De Formentor? That is stunning too.
    Wife's Boss had a house at a place called Betlam and let us use it.
    Nice for you to have met the two Hunters.

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    I have hunted boc in Majorca.

    One of the best hunts I've done. Very mountainous and a tough hunt. Where my guide took me with hindsight I reckon we should have been using harnesses and ropes!!

    I know the road you mention too. We saw lots of boc straight from the road.

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    270 Buck I agree about the climbing rope!
    Awesome place to go hunting but I'm not sure how where we went compares to the more commercial blocks.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Quote Originally Posted by sws View Post
    270 Buck I agree about the climbing rope!
    Awesome place to go hunting but I'm not sure how where we went compares to the more commercial blocks.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Couldnt agree more with you mate, he was grinning when he gestured "go up there" and off I went without a second thought
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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Yorkie I drove that road as well it was also spectacular these were some of the goats I saw on the drive 1st thing in the morning.

    I did a few early morning walks/hikes ( wish I took boots & bins with me on hols ) saw goats when out walking in the mountains. You could stalk in reasonably close in to some of them .

    The wife is already making noises of going back and looking at villas for next yr , will definitely go for longer hikes and may look at bagging a goat ,
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    Hi Griffshrek
    If you keep away from the lager louts Mallorca is a really nice place. I noticed some of the Goats but had no idea they were so unique to the Island. I could not imagine stalking in that terrain and in that heat though.

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