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Thread: Powder check die for progressive press

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    Powder check die for progressive press

    I'm after a powder level checking die for progressive presses such as a Hornady Powder Cop or RCBS Powder Check die etc.

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    Hello Guesty. If you've a spare RCBS type bullet seating die...the sort where the seating plug is a narrow 1/8" can make one.

    Just get a plain aluminium or plastic rod, slightly under 1/8" (and/or drill out the threads on the actual seating die although not really needed if that plain rod is free moving) and use that. Putting a tight fitting rubber O ring above a free sliding washer on the plain rod.

    That will give you a rod that rises and falls according to what powder is in the cartridge case.

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    Thanks for taking the time to explain how to make one but I don't have any spare dies, and I'm not that practical TBH!
    I'm happy to buy one and have found the RCBS at the Sportsman for just under 40, but prefer the design of the hopefully cheaper Hornady.

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    Still looking for the Hornady.

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