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Thread: Light weight boots

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    Light weight boots

    Hello Folks,
    Any suggestions for good light weight summer time boots without too much of a chunky sole.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WTF View Post
    Hello Folks,
    Any suggestions for good light weight summer time boots without too much of a chunky sole.
    Have a look at dessert boots by Magnum, Meindl or Lowa at Army Surplus. their 'Used Grade 1' boots generally are brand new , unused, and in the original packaging. 25-35 range
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    A friend from work has just bought some Under Armour boots, incredibly light and breathable but still quite supportive,about 120 I think. The Lowa desert boots are a good buy especially if you can find them in the right size (loads about if you have feet like Ronnie Corbett) but the few pairs of Magnums I've had in the past were always uncomfortable and didn't wear very well.

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    Adidas AX2 Mid Hiking Boots. Goretex lined, extremely comfortable. I've been through a couple of pairs of Merrell Moab mid - love the boot, but they haven't lasted well for me. The Lowa Zephyr is good as stated, but heavier than the Adidas. (They do black pair).
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    Thanks Chaps, The under Armour look like the thing I am after.

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    I'am using a pair of ECCO boots. Got them for free, don't know wich model. They look like a mid high, black tactical boot. Gore Tex lined. Light and comfy, no breaking in at all.

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    I have had a pair of Jack Pike Tundra boots for 5 years now. very light weight and very comfortable plus for the first 2 years waterproof.
    I wore them for 7 days in Namibia just recently and they were like slippers.

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