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Thread: Mauser action - Parker Hale Rifle .270

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    Mauser action - Parker Hale Rifle .270

    I have a Parker Hale with a Mauser action i have been told its a Belgian Mauser 98 large ring action, 2 things i need to replace the stock as i don't like the original and the other thing is i have been looking at these actions etc on you tube and they all have rear safety catches mins has a side safety ? is this normal or has someone got it wrong and its not a Mauser 98 large ring action ? thanks in advance for all of your comments, having to look into refurbishing this one short term. , if it is then a Mauser 98 large ring action,

    1, does anyone know where i can get a nice trigger for it

    2 anyone know what good value and easy to fit stocks are available for it ?Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	73530 Thanks in advance Jon.

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    Hello fella it is a mauser large ring 98 as I have built a 308 on the same action as you have there boydz make a stock for them off the shelf but your have to inlet for the side safety not hard. You don't need a new trigger that one is fully ajustable I've got mine down to a clean 2.5 pound pull without trouble. Hope this helps a little.
    Good luck adrian

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    Adrian that's fantastic thank you very much indeed for the info, do you know where the best place to purchase a boyds stock for it is ? or do you have to specially order Boyds stocks mate ? thanks Again thats really helped me out

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    I bet it's a Spanish action, have a look at the rhs of the rear tang below stockline, it will say 'Spain'. Yes it's a commercial large ring m98 action, average quality, doesn't look like one of the good Santa Barbara's, that said, it's still better than any new tikka, sauer, blaser, howa, remmy, etc.

    Yes, trigger can be adjusted ok, but not magnificently, I'd buy a timney or recknagel from brownells U.K. Parker used the trigger side safety not the military flag, Google any Mauser military action and you will see the commercial bolt shroud is different as are not formed and in turn don't have a rear hold for the blag safety stem.

    Stocks - if you really must, don't bother with a cheap synthetic as they bend like butter. Either get a decent walnut stock or order a boyds,,,they might not ship outside the us anymore though..there are other well priced options, have a look at brownells and see if you can find something there. I assume it's the buttstock and comb you find like. You will need to bed a new stock to it, but it's easy as pie and you can do a great job for under 10 in materials. The barrel might also need to be inletted with a channel cutter or wet/dry and elbow grease.

    The be trigger you have goes back and joins the rear action screw hole which is awful and really bad for bedding, any new stock will not be inlet for this but a new trigger solves this headache. Therefore, a new trigger will also not sit well in your existing stock. A new trigger and stock also means you need a rear action screw hole pillar, easy and cheap of course, but important to avoid compression and create consistent barrel harmonics.

    my view - keep it as it is and work with the existing stock by altering pad or lop or adding a cheek weld raiser, etc and fine tune the trigger. If barrel is good and rifling crisp with no crazy throat or muzzle erosion, and it shoots average, bed the front receiver ring and first 2" of barrel and float it, that will have it shooting very well usually, which I've done to average shooting old mausers many many times.

    figure out how to make it work as is, it's probably not an action worth an investment in stock and trigger exceeding 200.

    The belgian action is also commercial but made by FN, but is very different in bolt handle design and was machined to exceptional tolerances and is one of the finest ever made, actions alone being worth 500+. Only beaten by pre war oberndorf sportier actions of course. Either of these would justify building a rifle on them of 5000-30,000.

    There are two types of shooters - the fulfilled and successful ones - with a 7 X 57 and those poor souls who have not yet decided to get one!

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    Thanbks to all of the posts so far some really good info, PKL i really do dislike the old parker hale stock and i am definately going to change it but some fantastic info thanks soooo much

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    I to had the same problem. Timiny trigger 1st, then a Boyds stock. Now I have a 270 Parker Hale that has taken game all over the world out to 300 yards.

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    To me the bolt release isn't quite right for a commercial FN. Plenty of very good shooters on the Spanich Mausers though.


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    Tusker you have any pic of it you can post ? I'd be really keen to see it, P.S Tusker was one of my favourite beers when I was in Africa 'bada ya kaza' or something like that lol

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    It's an easy basic fix new trigger timney or one of the others will improve it.

    Stock depends whats wrong in your eyes a boyds is an easy fix and lots of options but will probably need ordering via EB now.

    Or a full hog and nicer trigger unit and custom walnut stock, little fettling here and there.

    It'll shoot and do all you can ask some will try to tell you as the action was designed in the 1800s it won't kill deer etc but it will be a great stalking rifle for years.

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    Many seem to rate the quality of Mauser actions very highly. My take is there are some good ones but also many that edge on being outright dangerous. The Mauser design is very good but the build quality I have seen so far has not been great that is why we won't make any parts for older Mausers. Looking at measurements it seems more like 50 million "one offs" flutin about rather than a production action.
    For example one can bed a stock with a T3 action and every other T3 action will fit into that bedding. We do that every day. Try that with a Mauser action.
    The older Mausers have had their day and good actions can be used for one off custom rifles for those that like these actions but they are not better than newer actions.

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