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Thread: nosler custom brass

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    nosler custom brass

    Anyone tried the Nosler custom brass? i need to get some new cases in .270 and the price of the Norma stuff is crazy. i was thinking of trying 50 of the Noslers.


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    Yes, I use it with my .260, in my experience and HO, it is excellent. Immaculate finish to primer pockets and flash holes, even weight, and the results of chrono of 10 rounds gave me less than 10fps extreme spread, I feel that is a good indicator of consistent dimensions and volume. Not cheap tho' .. but in a stalking rifle its not an issue for me.

    Try some ?



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    Peter. Can you post some more details on the load that gave you such good results? Thanks JCS

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    Quote Originally Posted by jcampbellsmith View Post
    Peter. Can you post some more details on the load that gave you such good results? Thanks JCS

    Yes , as follows, and this was done in 2 separate stages.

    FWIW, I have settled on a load right out of the Nosler #6 Book for the .260

    40 Gns RL15, Nosler Custom Brass, Fed GM210M primer, 120 Gn NBT. Gives me .3 MOA out of a Tikka 595 action, LW 22" 1:9 twist barrel. Velocity is 2895 fps with extreme spread 7 fps on a 5 round group.

    But ....

    For interest, I started the load development at .020" off the lands using 37 - 40 Gns RL 15 in .5 Gn increments; and they grouped kind of OK, all under 1" at 100, with the best group at just under .5 on the 40Gn load, which I was inclined to settle for as the loads tested were all very low spread in velocity. But thought that I ought to experiment with seating depth as well, and so next trip to the range I shot 3 at .025; 3 at .030; 3 at .035; and 3 at .040 which was where the group ( or me) started to open up again. The best group of all was at .035 which gave the .3MOA grouping, so I settled on that and I haven't done anything else since. The seating depth experiments consisted of 12 shots, with 9 fps extreme spread, 9 of them under 6fps difference.

    OK , the Chrono probably isn't that accurate, in fact I doubt it.... but it is the best results that I have managed in nearly 20 years of reloading in my fairly amateurish way, so I was fairly pleased to be able to replicate the Nosler load pretty much exactly.

    I had used Lapua .243 brass, necked up to .260 and neck turned by Callum, I used that to shoot 100 Gn BTs and it always shot less than .5 MOA at about 3250 fps in a 26" barrel, but it has taken a leap
    forward since I had the barrel shortened to 22", and is a much better handling stalking rifle. The consistency of the load, I am inclined to put down to the brass regularity and constant volume, maybe I am mistaken? Heck..... it works; and the deer hate it.



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    Nosler brass in .270............ less than three fps variation, these rounds live in the ammo safe marked with all the details that prevent them from being used for anything other than deer.
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    Peter. Thanks, that's fascinating food for thought. I posted on my load recently,

    I have been focussing on RL-19 with 129gr SST (20 thou off) and N165 with Hornady 129gr SP (20 thou off), 140 AMax (on the lands) and 142gr SMKs (on the lands). At present I am working with neck turned Remington brass, but I do have a box of Nosler brass hiding in the cupboard. For stalking I have just loaded some 129gr SSTs and when they are used up, I will switch to the 129gr SPs.

    Best regards JCS

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    ive just got some off a mate for 22/250 and your right its very good by the look of things. not loaded it up to try yet. but 1st look of quality looks very good

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