So, from what could have been a repeat of the miserable day before, we managed to have another dry day to finish off the Border Stalkers shoot season.

Here we go with the results (and insults) for the Hubertus Shield and A Corney Cup (Open)

1. K Story 90/30/120 Hubertus Shield and A Corney Cup
2. D Hartley 90/29/119
3. R Barnes 90/29/119
4. R Gillespie 88/30/118
5. A Warwick 89/29/118

All shooters achieved a high standard, with no one shooting below a score of 106 points, even Gregor grumbled (if anyone finds his Krico magazine I'm sure he'd be grateful) his way to a respectable 116.

Pool Shoot.

1. R Barnes 10/10/20
2. M Bell 10/9/19
3. R Gillespie 10/9/19
4. A Warwick 10/9/19

I would like once more to thank the Ratwife and Bear for their help in running what has always been an enjoyable day, and to those kind souls who donated prizes and put up with the midge's.

The dates for next years (2017) shoots are.

April 15th
June 17th
August 19th
Or in simpler terms and for those who are numerically challenged.... The Third Sunday (No Hubert, not Sunday the 3rd) in April, June and August.

Kind regards.