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Thread: Smidge midge repellent

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    Smidge midge repellent

    Anyone tried it yet? New on the market.

    Have tried everything else, but they are making big claims about Smidge.
    The Lifesystems pump spray was ok, but always on the lookout for a better repellent.

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    I can't tell you I've tried it but in my opinion it will be a load of cobblers like all the other repellants. I've come to the conclusion that the only way to deal with midges is to stick to winter stalking.

    If you must go out the best option is the Bug Me Not pull over mesh net but of course vision is then severely impaired.

    Best wishes,


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    On the basis that the Dr Blackwell has spent a lifetime studying the Scottish midges, what attracts them and what repells them I would have thought it well worth trying as it has been formulated specifically for the Scottish Midge. Most of the other products on the market are not specific to the Midge.

    I will declare that I did some work a few years ago with the people behind the Smidge, but no longer involved commercially in any way. One of the ways they study repellants is to actually measure their electrical response to repellents - this involves connecting a midge up with electrodes - very satisfying!
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    I'd love to see a midge wired up for execution! Well I am yet to be convinced about Smidge, but am willing to give it a go. Have a bottle to try out on the west coast midges!

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    Is this the bog myrtle based one ?

    My main gripe with repellants is that they don't keep things far enough away...the little buggers still buzz into my ears...and I hate that. It'll have to be good to make me give up my net!

    They are horrendous this year...a bunch of them carried my dog away on Monday!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frax View Post

    They are horrendous this year...a bunch of them carried my dog away on Monday!

    Hope all is well Drew.
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    In the old days they used to recommend blood letting for all kinds of ills...well I must be damn healthy Stu given the amount I've donated to the midges this last few weeks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frax View Post
    They are horrendous this year...a bunch of them carried my dog away on Monday!
    could just imagine it...those murderous Strathaird midges!

    I don't think it's bog myrtle in Smidge, but something called saltidin. Doubt if it works as well as high concentration Deet though.

    A friend who rates it sent some down he'd got from the pharmacy in Kyle, but I've yet to try it out. We'll see.

    Maybe worth a try next time you wander down from the heathen Elgol peninsula to 'civilisation'

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    Civilisation as you well know starts at the head of Loch Slapin!!

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    The best midge repellent i have been told is Avon soft and gentle a lot of stalkers in scotland swear by it.

    atb Beardy

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