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    .22 Hornet

    I'm looking for a decent second hand rifle in .22 Hornet with good barrel, threaded 1/2 inch UNF to allow me to use existing moderator. I'm in Derbyshire and would much prefer to see the rifle before I buy. I've seen what there is on Guntrader/Gunstar etc. And it's either too far away or not what I'm looking for.

    I have up to 500 to spend, don't need a scope and would prefer Weihrauch/CZ/Brno or something a bit different (not Ruger. - I like the look of the BSA on here but it's in Dorset and not threaded). I know I can get screw thread done but I've waited 9 months for a semi custom that hasn't turned up and I don't want to wait for the work/proof house if I can avoid it.

    I would be very grateful if anyone who knows of anything suitable for sale could let me know.



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    J & S field sports bolton had a anzchutz on the shelf last week 300 I think

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    Thanks for the reply & PM's

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    Hopefully sorted now, deposit placed on a new CZ at a good price thanks to stalking folks recommendations.

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