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Thread: What do you think to these two rifles?

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    What do you think to these two rifles?

    Right as you are probably now aware i am after my first stalking rifle and i have been put in touch with this dealer by the person i booked the stalking through as he has a good stock of left handed rifles (including a .375 if only i had the money and use for one). He is coming to the CLA next month and said he will hold them for me until then. The two i have narrowed it down to with him are first of all:

    243 Remington 700 BDL he tells me it is in very good condition and looks as if it has hardly been used and has an good bore and very nice trigger. He is asking 625 and it comes with 1inch leupold rings and is not screw cut. I think there should be some wiggle room in here and would i suppose look offering around 550 there or there abouts. Is this what the rifle is worth or am i judging it all wrong?

    Next is a Sauer 200 in .270 asking 975 he says it has had more use than the Remington but has been well looked after with a good barrel and a very good trigger as you would expect on a Sauer. This is also not screw cut and comes with 1 inch Weaver rings. Now this is getting top end of what i would want to spend and to be honest i think a .270 is maybe not as appropriate a caliber for my dad to day use although i know the Sauer is a good make of rifle and something to be trusted. So what are your thoughts on this?

    I like the idea of the 700 as Staffordshire synthetics do an off the rack so to speak left handed stock for the 700 and that would be good for use around the farm foxing and also i like the idea of one

    So what are your lots thoughts on these two rifles. I have filled out the forms for .243 but could easily stick a .270 on as well i am just waiting on a couple of letters to confirm i have been stalking and booked more stalking and it will be off.

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    Overpriced for the remmy and still expensive for the sauer although I would buy that prior to the remmy.

    Have a look here Sako 75 for 650 and there are other choices of lefties in there also.


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    I would guess that you need to handle them yourself to see how they feel to you, only you can tell if a rifle really suits and fits you. On balance the Sauer would be my pick from the lot but if you feel that 270 will be a bit OTT for yourself or your dad, and it does have a load more recoil than the 243, then it would be better to have a rifle you both can shoot well rather than one you are uncomfortable with. However, all bets are off if the 243 just plain didn't fit either of you.

    It would be worth doing the rounds and handling a few more rifles and getting a feel for what suits, if you are a member of a rifle club then try to shoot some club rifles, or get a shot with rifles belonging to other members if possible. Also if you have stalking booked then shoot with the estate rifle and ask some questions about it, I'm sure you will get lots of useful opinions and a feel for what suits you and it is a great way to test the waters.

    Either way don't rush into a decision until you've tried the options as a rifle is something you are going to spend a lot of hours with, mostly carrying it but none the less, so even if you are excited at the prospect don't let that drive you to making a decision before all options have been examined.

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    As Jingzy

    Says too much money, you could get a new remm'y for not much more and I have a set of 700 1" rings you could have, shop around and wait you will find something.



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    Jingzy has it right. That is an old Remmie, it is well over priced, 90% of potential buyers would be viewing that rifle as a donor for a semi custom build. The Sauer is nice, but also old, probably 20 years old. The mounts on it are rubbbish. It is also over priced, by about 200, you could pick up a SH fresh synthetic 202 for that sort of money. Also, if you look to add a barrel to the Sauer, it will need a new bolt as 243 Sauer bolts are not compatible with the larger calibres - different lug arrangement, for reasons no one can understand.

    The 270 Jingzy listed is a much better buy, as is the LH 308 I listed on the earlier thread.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Thanks if i were to go for a larger caliber i would be tempted by 308 due to relative availability of that left handed sako near enough that i would drive to it. I may just wait for the fair as i may be able to pick something good up there new or second hand


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    Quote Originally Posted by groach1234 View Post
    Thanks if i were to go for a larger caliber i would be tempted by 308 ...

    That would be the best choice I think.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Whilst as pointed out both are over priced. The Remington being old is not a drawback but probably a positive as their quality control has certainly dropped rather than got better. An older Remington 700 is probably far better made than a new one. At least is has proper wood rather than that god awful fuggly plastic although being a 700 I still would not give it house room.

    It seems that dealer is rather hoping in his pricing overall and I would be looking to go elsewhere . Dealers like that I use only when there is no other choice which is not very often.

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    Waaay over priced for both of them.

    There is (was last week) a Sauer 202 in .243 on gunntrader with a moderator for 950 ish i think

    Steer clear unless the prices come down

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    Mental money for a used Remmy, but as you say make him an offer and if not walk away , there are loads about in 243.

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