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Thread: Harris Bipod Long Legs or Equivelent

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    Harris Bipod Long Legs or Equivelent

    Looking for a Bipod with the long legs, I already have a 9 - 13'' model but looking for the longer model.

    Cash Waiting. Let me know if you have anything


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    Got set of 12-25, S25 SWIVEL BASE only used once but now made a set of short quad stick lol .120 posted .

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    I've got a Versa-Pod 15" to 23", notched pan and tilt spung legs with rubber ends, comes with 1 universal mounting adaptor. In good used working condition. I'm looking for 75 for the pair.

    Description: Standard Sitting Prone Bipod with Rubber Feet. Versa-Pod Model 3 Bipod The Model 3 - the perfect size for sitting and shooting. The Model 3 was made with comfort in mind. It is ideal for shooting from the sitting position; target shooting, hunting, or wet conditions. The Model 3 has built-in Pan & Tilt that gives you the freedom to move with your target. The legs have rubber feet that extend from 15 inches to 23 ? inches. Includes (1) One Universal Mounting Adapter (150-100) Non-Marring Rubber Feet Standard Sitting size Rugged design Spring Loaded Legs Pan and Tilt.Fits all standard rifle stocks fitted with Q.D. sling swivel stud. A freely-rotating Q.D. stud is mounted on the bottom of the knurled nut for sling mounting. The detachable, heavy-duty sling loop is 1 5/8" and will work well with 1" and 1" slings. Weight: 0.43 Ib (0.20 kg)

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