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Thread: Late father

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    Late father

    Well on the 10th of May my father went in for heart valve operation, without going into too much detail, the surgeon accidently sutured closed a branch of a significant dad never woke up...the post mortem report has just come out which confirms the cause of death and the coroner has just upgraded his investigation to an inquest. Has anyone had to attend an inquest before? Do we need a solicitor? As a family we are still in shock and upset over what happened, struggling to come to terms, but battling on..any help appreciated thanks Lee

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    I haven't a clue regarding the legal side of it but you may be wise to take someone that's detached from it all. You won't take it all in, you'll be too emotional, you need a third party that's not going to have tears in their eyes.

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    As been said above,you wont comprehend whats going on,been there mate,condolence,s to all,dont fret too much and seek advise,

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    My Sympathy's to your family at this clearly sad time...the advice from the poster (rodp) above is correct...I believe you do need legal help and some one who is able to look at all the evidence with a cool clear professional head not heart...I hope it all turns out well for you and your family my friend...if I know this forum it won't be long before more help and advice is forth coming...Hugh.

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    Really feel for you Lee. Can't help more than what's above. Hope the inquest will help you to feel some closure.

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    So sad.
    Condolences to the family.
    "He who shoots sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    Deepest sympathy to you and your family.
    I have attended several inquests over the years in previous has been said before I think you will need to seek legal advice, not for the inquest itself, but to be honest for what will follow. It sounds very much like there is significant evidence of culpability on behalf of the surgeon who operated and that will inevitably lead to offers/counter offers and much legal wrangling for which you will undoubtedly need to seek legal advice.
    I'm sure most legal representatives would prefer to be involved from an early stage rather than coming in at a later time.
    I cannot offer any advice regarding choosing a legal rep,etc but if you are to contact your Law Society i'm sure they will be able to offer impartial advice.
    Regards and condolences, Rob.

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    Condolences upon the sad loss of your father
    I have taken part in more inquests that I care to remember. My advice is that instructing a solicitor to represent your family, both at the actual inquest and any subsequent proceedings, is an absolute essential.
    Best regards.
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    I would add to Uncle Norm's wise counsel, and that of Rob1562, to make early contact with a firm that specialises in medical negligence and NOT to rely on the stand-by "family solicitor" that you might have used for many years for house selling, tenancy contracts, business trade contracts and the like.

    Negligence and medical negligence are highly specialised and require someone who does it as his or her regular work not as a "one off" to other legal practice. And to see what sort of attendance at the inquest that the various firms might offer before deciding which to instruct.

    My condlences to you and your family. However, to be cold and dispassionate, your late father's age will be the critical factor on whether you may or not need to take proceedings beyond the inquest. The firms you contact will ask this and other questions so it may be a painful experience even before the actual day.
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    I've nothing of any value to add, but I'd like to offer my sincere condolences. That must've been an awful blow, all the worst due to its unexpectedness. I'm so sorry
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