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    Hi, I've wanted to get into stalking for some time now and have finally got my first stalk provisionally booked. I was recomended this forum on another site as a great source of info regarding stalking so here I am
    Just took delivery of an old .270 today which I intend to fettle and then start shooting paper with before I arrange a date for my first stalk, hopefully I'll be ready to get out in the rut.

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    Hi pigglet, welcome to the fold. There seems to have been a bit of a resurgence on the .270 recently (and the .30-06 family of calibres in general) so I'm sure it will do you proud!


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    Welcome Pigglet and a good choice of calibre I might say contrary to what quite a few postees might say on here a 270 in my view is a good alround cal. Loading can be tailored to make it a superb cartridge. Its even big enough for porkies

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    Welcome Pigglet. Glad to see another .270 user! I hope you enjoy the forum, and getting some use out of the new rifle.


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    Thanks for the welcome guys. I went for .270 based on exactly the advice given above (plus they seem to be cheap),that it's a good allrounder and can be loaded to suit most applications so your comments are very reassuring
    I got her checked over, screwcut and fitted wth a mod yesterday by Steve Kershaw. It's a Tikka 65D/L, the action and barrel are in good order but the stock was a little tatty, no real knocks or dings but it looked a bit tired so I'm currently re-finishing it. Got a few more little things to sort out and then hopefully I'll be out punching paper next week

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