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Thread: Pulsar Phantom Night-Vision Scope

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    Pulsar Phantom Night-Vision Scope

    Good Morning. I have recently acquired a Pulsar Phantom NV Scope, Gen 2 White Phosphor. (4x60 BW MD) 76158BWT, with the 1.5x Lens Converter. To complement the scope I also have a Laserluchs 5000 IR Illuminator. This kit is fitted to my Tikka .223.
    I would like to know if anyone else has experience of same and any tips or advice they may offer in the setting-up and us of this equipment. It shall be a dedicated foxing set-up used in conjunction with a Pulsar Thermal XD38 Spotting Scope.

    Thanking-you in advance of any guidance,


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    Only use as much IR as you need DON'T go giving it the full beans try spreading the beam out, as for zeroing try black elec tape on white paper works very well. If you need a lift setting it up give us a shout.

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    I zero my nv by placing a torch in the bottom of a cardboard box. I put a bullet size hole in the middle. Easy then to see the where the shots go

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    Be aware -if not already- that fitting/ removing / refitting the conver lens will shift your POI enough to require a rezero. So set up once and leave well alone thereafter! Also, the onboard IR won't see over the top of the converter so you'll be glad of your nice Laserluchs. Other than that, I'd say get a rough zero by day (lens cover on ) then refine it at night (cover off ), as it's easier to observe fall of shot by day but you'll get a better image at night. I'm sure you'll do well with it. It's a great bit of kit!
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    Thank-you 'Camo 304', 'Sussex Fallow' and 'Mr Gain for your helpful replies, much appreciated. May I ask 'Camo 304', why not the 'full beans' on the IR and 'spread' rather than 'focus'? Kind of you to assist in setting-up too! If I'm struggling I shall take you up on that!
    Once 'set-up', everything shall stay in situ as a dedicated foxing tool.

    Thanks again,


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    The risk of burning your tube with to much IR, it's not hard to burn a tube i know from experience

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    Quote Originally Posted by camo304 View Post
    The risk of burning your tube with to much IR, it's not hard to burn a tube i know from experience
    Thanks ''camo304', that would be an expensive lesson to learn!!


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