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Thread: Advice please (.243 ammo)

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    Advice please (.243 ammo)

    Good morning all, I am new to deer stalking (but no to shooting) and have just purchased a Tikka T3 Lite in .243 with T8 moderator. I will use it to shoot foxes and all types of deer hopefully. Please can anyone give me advice on what rounds work well in this rifle? Say in 75gr plus 95gr loads? I have been told that this rifle does not like anything over 95gr load. Thanks in advance.

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    I asked a similar query recently and TBH the advice I was given was right - You just need to buy a variety of types and grain weights and see what your rifle likes.

    I have a .308 so I tried Federal and Norma in 150gr and GECO in 170gr, and in the end it was the Federal that my S&L shot best with. Other people have found other ammo works for them.

    See what your local RFD has in stock and pick up a packet of each. Gives you an excuse to spend some time on the range too, and get some practice in
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    All rifles are different Paul, because one t3 243 likes a certain bullet it doesn't necessarily mean another t3 243 will automatically like it. Best thing to do would be to get a few boxes of different ammo and give them a try to see what shoots best. Personally I got on well with the 90gr sako gameheads and also the cheap prvi ppu 90gr, I also like the 75gr hornady sst's but they were a little more expensive. I shot 100gr ammo as well which stabilised no probs.

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    Certainly seen a Tikka T3 Lite that shot the 100g Sako bullets at under an inch.

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    I had a T3 that shot 100gr as well as I could hold.

    Federal and Sako superb, Norma a little less so.

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    I worked my way through a few and found the Sako 100gr shoot the best through my T3 lite.

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    I use 60gr (home loads) for fox with my .243 and I have tried quite a few different bullets before settling on this one as the best. Very consistent.
    I also wanted to keep some heavier ammo in stock in case I ever get the chance to have a crack at something bigger than a fox. Couldn't justify working up a home load for such minimal usage. Tried quite a few factory rounds from 80gr to 100gr before settling on 100gn T-Mantel as the best for my requirement.

    I was told that .243 with 1 in 10 twist has a "sweet spot" at around 85gr, but this hasn't been my experience. In fact, anything in the range 80 - 95gr was pretty poor - unstable in flight, and inconsistent grouping.

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    Sako 90g game head for deer
    Winchester 58g Varmint X for foxes
    I have shot foxes with the 90g game heads and they can run a long way especially with a mid point shot as the round goes straight through whereas a varmint round will do catastrophic damage and kill it within a few yards.
    If you shot deer with a varmint round you tend to have to neck shoot them as the meat damage can be substantial as the round is designed to fragment.
    Both rounds shoot very accurately through my T3 but experience tells me you need the 2 rounds.

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    A friends 243 Sako and my 243 T3 seem to love the Sako 70gr Balistic tip ammo. Out of my 20" barrel I get 3100 fps and under 1/2" accuracy.

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    See if you can find a local RFD that stocks Fiocchi which I have found (in several calibres) to be as good as most and cheaper than a lot of them.

    Info here
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