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Thread: 6.5 TMK. 130gn

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    6.5 TMK. 130gn

    Looking for couple hundred if anyone has any please.

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    Are these hard to get hold of then? I know it says they are new on Sierras webby.. I have been looking at then today.

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    Just waiting for the shipment which is around 14th September. I just need 100 till then.

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    According to dealer, there might not have been any imported yet? He asked for a 1000 of all the TMKs available from his rep when he found out about them and has never received ANY 6.5.

    Have you had some already?

    Could be BS but he hasnt before fed me any...

    I also have some on order from that batch, not treid them yet but they look good for 300yd.
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    They're available here - I have 200 I bought from 'Si Snipe' two or three weeks back. I suspect that deliveries to us have only been in 500-ct boxes or maybe even larger packets, and when you want to try a smaller number (as I did), you need some enterprising soul like Simon who will buy in bulk and split them up before advertising them.

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    Yes I have had and uses them all. I have 30 left I think.

    HPS-tr I buy from but next shipment isn't till mid September. He buys in 500 boxes and splits don't to my needs.

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    You might have hit the nail in the head there then, my RFD buys predominantly 100 boxes.....

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