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Thread: Help for potential vet

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    Help for potential vet

    does anybody know of an abattior/slaughterhouse in the South East of England that may be able to help my mates daughter gain some experience by observing the process and health procedures and examinations? She has had no luck so far as obviously the operators have concerns about security and justification. I have suggested a look at deer larder work and completing DSC1 in addition, but her interest is disease that is transferable between humans and animals.
    PM me if you have any ideas,
    thanks for looking

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    With her interest in zoonosis maybe try wildlife parks and zoos - or the vets that are contracted to them - for a more interesting and exotic insight. Whipsnade would be an excellent place to approach as it serves as a training resource for zoo vets and, due to location and the 'open' nature of the site, nearly always has a number of candidates in the freezer for post-mortem (mara, CWD wallaby etc.) as they frequently get wiped up on the surrounding roads.

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