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Thread: Help required fitting rail to Sako 75 .223

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    Help required fitting rail to Sako 75 .223

    In trying to mount Pulsar Apex onto my Sako.

    Ive been onto Alan Rhone and I'm totally confused. The pics and action measurements they display are totally different from my rifle.

    They are telling me the correct one for my action is the XShort 115mm long but the overall distance on the mounts currently fitted (see pic) is 134mm.

    They have a Short rail which is 134mm, which you would think would be the kiddie but they recon not.

    The breatch gap on my rifle is 60.5mm. The XShort rail is gap is 56mm which presumably means there will be 4.5mm getting in the way when I'm stuffing my fat fingers in there pulling an empty case out!

    Has anyone got a rail fitted to a .223 Sako 75 that could clear things up.

    Im not too fused weather it's Picatinny, Contessa or Recknagel

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    I think you are over complicating things, just order the rail of your choice for a Sako 75 Action 1 and it should fit. The Recknagel rail is adjustable within certain limits

    Picatinny is not a brand it is a standard.

    However I am not a fan of either Contessa and especially the Recknagel rails as I don't think they are very well made and the Recknagel one has too many moving bits as well, I ended up getting a custom made rail but this was neither a cheap or easy exercise to do. I am a right fussy bugger by all accounts

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    Thanks for the reply.
    I'm not over complicating it; just trying to get the correct part first time round. The Rhone site does not operate on the action1, 111, 1V etc. It uses the size of your ejection port and this as previously detailed does not correspond to the length of hole in my rifle.
    So I've ordered the larger one and hope when it arrives it fits.
    There were 2 choices Recknagel and Contessa. Ive gone for the latter.
    Will post up findings when it arrives.
    Thanks again.

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    Test image

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    This is one of those situations where a short phone conversation is miles better than frigging around on the internet for ages, the guys at Alan Rhone will know exactly which rail you need.

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    What do they say about assumption? mother of what?

    1 phone call yesterday and 3 today and I'm still not sure I've got the right bit on the way! I will post up the correct part number once I get it sorted.

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    Just to throw a spanner in the works , you could buy some picatinny / weaver mounts from tier one they are 2 X mounts not joined and will sit In place of your optilock bases front and rear
    And then you just mount your mount onto each one

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    Yep sounds like a plan B, I am hoping what Ive ordered will fit. Cheers

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