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Thread: Stalking with Mike Dickinson - Calton Moor

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    Stalking with Mike Dickinson - Calton Moor

    I would be grateful for any views on the above as I am thinking of booking. Please feel free to pm if you wish. Thanks in advance.

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    I've known Michael for many years and been stalking with him a few times. He's a thoroughly decent chap and will be doing his very best for you. Enjoy.
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    +1 Mike runs a very good operation and is a gentlemen. On one occasion I rented his range for an hour to zero in a new scope, Mike came down to see if everything was OK and ended up cleaning my rifle and helping me get a good zero - all within the very reasonable range fee.
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    I haven't stalked with him but sold him some stuff and seen his facilities. A very nice person who seems to have a large client base and is usually busy. Which I take as a good sign.
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    Go ahead and book, I stalk with him often. Great guy very knowledgeable, and helpful. Book on a Monday if you can there may be some of Jan's home baked cake left, thats worth a visit on its own.

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