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Thread: Companion for my Labrador Bitch

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    Companion for my Labrador Bitch

    I have a 5 yo labrador bitch that would benefit greatly from having a companion, I don't particularly want to go through the puppy stage again so I'm ideally looking for a house trained labrador bitch, preferably spayed, from 2 yo upwards. It doesn't need to be trained to the gun but would have to have a good temperament, be good with other dogs and ideally playful in nature. I'll take any colour except a chockie but would prefer a yellow/sandy colour.

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    labrador rescue ?? maybe worth a try

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    Contact NESSR the spaniel rescue. They have/had two two year old labs in for rehousing.

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    Just curious but why not a chocolate

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    Quote Originally Posted by geordieh View Post
    Just curious but why not a chocolate

    They melt in the sun

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    Too show bred, bred for colour only, mad as a box of frogs - there are exceptions of course but you don't see many out shooting.
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    Do u know any local FT lab folk?
    quite often get the 18-24 month old dogs getting cleared out if not up to competion standard, usually pretty well trained and they just want puppy money for them to get them out of the kenne and get another puppy in

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