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Thread: Trace Big Game Sled

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    Trace Big Game Sled

    Heads up for those in the market for a dedicated deer recovery/loading sled.

    Bushwear are now selling the Trace Big Game Sled with optional stainless steel runners for 79.99

    This is identical to the large size 'Wildwanne Schlittenform' I purchased from Frankonia Jagd, after having my adapted plaster's bath slip off the loading ramp and nearly do me a serious one, and which retails at a more competitive price of 59.95 euro - but must be included in a minimum order value of 100 euro before they will ship within the EU (good excuse to browse their catalogue!).

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    It's a rugged bit of kit that can be towed behind a quad etc. and will take a large stag of up to 200kg. There are accessories available from Frankonia - cover, quad towing bracket, universal clips - which hopefully Bushwear will in time consider selling as well.

    Further details here:

    I have no association with any of the businesses, just a very satisfied user of the product.

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    +1 for the Franconia sled, but their website should carry a warning that it can seriously effect your credit card LOL

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    Did Frankonia recently send you their latest print catalogue?

    Mines already covered in drool!

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