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Thread: schmidt and bender 8x56

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    schmidt and bender 8x56

    for sale new 8x56 Schmidt and bender German 30mm tube a7 fine recital bought new at the Scottish game fair don't like the fine ret

    670 plus 10 p&P

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    I have a hungarian 8x56 and absolutely love it
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    The link Dan you give is for a S&B " Hungarian" parts from Germany made in Hungary so are essentially same scope but made elsewhere .
    They are usually cheaper

    The OP does state it's a "Schmidt & Bender German"
    These made & assembled in Germany so are more expensive

    Hope no one minds the butt in


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    Glad you put me right and apologies to the op.

    Kind regards

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    I bought one recently from a Trader on here not so long ago, they are a fantastic scope.
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