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Thread: ruger 30mm stainless mounts

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    ruger 30mm stainless mounts

    I set of ruger 5k30 stainless mounts.30mm pristine condition.....50 posted

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    Are these still for sale?

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    long gone. I have a set of inch ones left....came off my 17 hornet

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    Thanks but have a set of 1" already, needing 30mm for fitting a Tasco Titan.


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    Have a look on ebay bud.

    And to be fair I wouldn't worry wether you get them in stainless or not...... unless you get a stainless colour ed scop and want to look 'blingy'

    Good scopes the tasco titan btw!

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    Will do Monarman, not worried about stainless or blued to be honest.

    Never heard of Tasco Titans until I bought this one (4-12 x 56 IR) for 50 out of my local gunshop, after looking online at what they make secondhand I don't think he did either..!!

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