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Thread: Full time beaters, good oppertunity for young lads

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    Full time beaters, good oppertunity for young lads

    Once again we are looking for full time beaters for high class commercial shoots in mid Wales. The position on offer would suit lads that have missed out on college courses, can't find a gamekeeping placement, or those that are thinking about keepering but are not sure.
    Gundogs are a preferable asset, as is a driving licence, although this is not essential. Accomadation will be provided in the way of a farmhouse to be shared with any other lads. Beating will be your main job, although it will also include helping out keepering staff with their day to day jobs if need be.
    Good shoot, will be a good experience, good atmosphere when out beating.
    Please PM me for more details, or just a general chat if you are unsure about anything

    Also if there is any other beaters with dogs that are looking for more shoots to attend than please send a PM
    We are 30 mins from Oswestry

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    oh to be 16 again .great opportunity for a foot on the ladder !!

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    Not very politically correct don't you allow female beaters
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    Quote Originally Posted by 375 mag View Post
    Not very politically correct don't you allow female beaters
    Surely spoken in jest. A lots of the girls do a better job than the lads.

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    Being a woman myself, i completly agree and 10 years ago I would have been desperate for an oppertunity such as this. Lasses are welcome to contact me, as are older lads/lasses.
    Really if you know anybody that has an interest in gamekeeping and hasn't got anything lined up for the winter months, than get them in touch with me. As it will be a good experience.

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    I can wholeheartedly recommend these folk, my son spent last shoot season with them! He's currently out in South Africa shooting "things."
    Izzy and her crew had something to do with that choice.
    They're offering a genuine opportunity to get involved with some pretty fancy shooting set up at grass roots and are to be applauded!
    regards (Devons dad)

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    So we have a fully furnished farmhouse, all bills and heating paid for, even dog and dog food provided. All else we need is a lad to take up the position. Can't believe nobody on this site doesn't know of anybody looking for an oppertunity in the shooting world.
    We start shooting tommorow, so if you know of anybody please get in contact. Thanks.

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    Oh if i could only turn back the clock 35 years !!
    Next time you're walking down the street and see a homeless person go buy them a sandwich and a coffee, change of fate and it could be you one day !!!

    BUY BRITISH !!!!

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    Nice one good luck will spread the word to the Gal's and Guy's
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    Sounds like an excellent opportunit for someone. Regard SBM

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