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Thread: Condor attacks goat

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    There was a program some time ago showing eagles driving goats over a precipice which killed them. They had it off to a fine art. The goat in the vid was a tough little sod!

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    I like the way this other member of the herd goes after the bird, and jumps on it after it is left lying on the rocks. I hope it was finished off.

    I saw some video long ago, taken by goat hunters, of a golden eagle trying to grab a Rocky Mountain Goat kid. A billy jumps up and butts it out of the air, killing it, and then landed on all fours at the edge of the precipice, like he had suction cups for feet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern View Post
    and jumps on it after it is left lying on the rocks.
    Which just goes to show that we don't all the see the same things.


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    more like eagle attacks chamois...

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    I thought it was some sort of eagle, but several ornithologists said is was some species of European condor. I don't know European birds of prey. Like my post of the coyote and the dogs, it does not matter to me if the dog is a Rottweiler or a Mastiff, as far as the actual action.

    A Chamois is a goat antelope, like the American pronghorn, so I call it a goat, since it lives in the mountains and moves like a goat. The pronghorn, I call an antelope. Some people call it a "speed goat".
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    That's a Juvenile Golden eagle which often have a bit of white in their tail. It's not a Condor - we don't have a European condor and it's not a vulture or Lamegyer. Eagles do take large prey but this attempt to take a chamois looks pretty high risk for a bird of prey, given that it's bashed against a rock a couple of times - given its immature it probably doesn't know better yet.

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    I would say golden eagle too. I saw one up close in New Mexico long ago.

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    There was a bit on ( I assume ) BBC few years ago & a lad had gone into highlands here in Scotland to video deer & got footage of the golden eagles dive bombing the hinds & calfs when they were on steep ridges trying to force them to fall over & injure or die then feed on the respective carcass .


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