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Thread: New Deer Tower

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    New Deer Tower

    We took delivery of a new deer tower I had arranged to have made, which is the first one of five that have been ordered. Looks good on site, just need to blood it now.
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    Beautiful job matey that one's built to last
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    I like that,could do with a couple of those myself!!

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    How much are they and who's making them ? If you don't mind

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmy milnes View Post
    Beautiful job matey that one's built to last
    Is it built to last though, and for how long?
    No wood lasts that long even if treated properly, which seems to be rare these days. Wood used to be either tanalised with an arsenic based solution or creosoted with a horribly irritant carsenogenic, both of which have been banned from public use. Wood is good for about 10 years at best these days. My dad used to work in the clay industry in Devon where pit props were dried, vacuumed and tanalised with a proper copper/Arsenic type solution that would make them good for about 25 years underground!
    I also note that the legs on this tower are made of planks at right angles? I'd rather see a decent solid piece of treated 5"x3" or similar.
    I've seen a tower which had a galvanised steel bottom and ladder, with a wooden top box which could be replaced as necessary.
    I'd be interested to know how much these cost?
    Despite my negativity, it does look like a very good product.

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    Great work. A hochsitz with a roof! That's just the something you don't see much on this sight. Looking forward to seeing the results from them.
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    Glad to see people putting some investment into there sport, cant see it being much effort to run some 4x4 sawn up the inside of the legs over time.

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    Take the roof off and it doubles as a high tower....!!!!
    ... One kill....

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    A picture of the rear access would be nice.
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