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Thread: Rottweiler comes to aid of small dog vs coyote

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    Rottweiler comes to aid of small dog vs coyote

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    Thanks for sharing Southern.

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    When I was young, we had a male English Shepherd which was very fast, with tremendous stamina, a cattle herder ( we had 300 head ). It could run about 50 mph for sustained half mile, so it would run down or marauding feral dog. In a big field, it would get between them and the woods, and cut them off, then close the circle until they had then in the middle of the field and totally tuckered out, then kill them. As you all know, different breeds of dogs are just wired up to do things, like a bird knowing how to build a nest.

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    Many won't believe this but my Lab killed a fox that ran straight out of a hedge not 10yds in front of us. Henry (the Lab) killed it duff, poor thing didn't stand a chance. I caped it off and had it mounted, Henrys fox.

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    By the expression on the face of the fox it certainly didn't believe it ?

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