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Thread: Poppins Deer Sack

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    Poppins Deer Sack

    Can anyone tell me if Poppins is still making roe/sika sacks and or Yule sacks and how to contact her.

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    Was getting one off her but not back in touch with me months ago . Got a number of a woman who makes them i had a liner made for mine . Looking at the liner their sika size sacks .
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    I had one ordered and made contact to ask about it months ago and still waiting.

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    hi all i am so sorry but life has been hectic been working every day of week including weekends since april i will be back on sacks by september 15 th
    if you still want sacks i will do them then
    where i work is seasonal
    regards poppins

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    Hi Poppins,
    Glad to hear you still intend making the best roe/ sika sacks on the market. While some of the lads have been waiting a while I can assure them it will be well worth it.

    How can I contact you regards ordering a sack?


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    hi willie just pm me
    regards poppins

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    I have a new unused poppins roe/sika sack you can have 55
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