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Thread: GPS tracking collar

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    GPS tracking collar

    Does anyone use the garmin DC 50??? just wanted to make sure they work in the uk and what people thought of them????


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    I'd be interested to know also, mine would be for a Teckel so unit size is also important?

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    I've used them Andy and they work well ,

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    We use garmin Astro doc 50 tracking collars on our hounds , it's the handset that's locked not the collars but you can unlock it for use in the uk we had ours from the US a company called gps4us they are a bit expensive but the best money we ever spent , the handset will track the collars for up to 9 miles ( less in deep valleys and you can lose signal sometimes but keep walking and it will refind it ) and if the dog has stopped it will tell you Regards Kai

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    Can unlock if you need it

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    If you already have the units and they have been upgraded and are not working then you can buy the fix off GPS4US as well.
    I have the Alpha 100 and the Alpha TT15 Mini and Alpha TT15 Collars and they work very well. Have 1:25000 mapping in the Alpha and it is very accurate and easy to use with the collars.
    Not cheap but neither were my dogs.
    Anyone local is more than welcome to PM me to try.

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    My Astro didn't work out of the box. Luckily Highbird70 sorted it for me.

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    Why paying a company, when I can do it for the SD collective, for a lot payments vary, from a simple thank you, a bottle of golden Scottish liquid, to I'l take you stalking.

    Done 2 units Saturday evening in 2 hours, for UKTDR members, Nick100 also got his fixed and his very happy with it and his friend Gareth also very happy with his unit.

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    Ok please forgive my lack of knowledge in this field. Something I've considered or put on the wish list but the Garmin Astro etc are so expensive so how do these really differ from the ones on eBay in the 40-50 range?

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    Highbird70 checked out a collar that wasnt working. Unfortunately it was a hardware problem and is now on its way back to the shop where I got it from. I would like to thank Highbird70 for his time and expertise

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