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Thread: Blaser R93 - AGE!? and views!?

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    Blaser R93 - AGE!? and views!?

    Hi everyone,

    A potential deal could be on the cards for me to buy a Blaser R93 at a reasonable cost. Comes with two barrels the original .243 barrel which I would use for stalking and a .223 barrel for fox!.

    Any experiences and views on these rifles would be much appreciated before I part with any cash!!!.

    Also can anyone date it!? ive got a serial number of 9/46415. Was told by the dealer that that was from the original .243 which is believed to be the original barrel!. Any ideas of age people???

    Kind Regards


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    Why not e-mail Blaser (Germany) with the serial number and ask its age?

    My own Blaser s/n prefix is 9/ xxxxxxxx (this was made last year) although I doubt the 9 means 2009....

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    Hi Redmist, yeah I have already done so bud... Can you give me any feedback on your Blaser!? what you hate/what you love about them etc

    Thank you for your help.



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    here i go again

    cant say much more than has been said before

    best factory rifle ever made.

    age doesnt matter, as long as it shoots. it will, better than you can.

    check for this

    it is still under manufacturers warranty unil august 2012 however old it is - now what other rifle do you get that with?

    the most accurate, safe, consistent, durable rifle you can get.

    you'll need another mag and bolt head for the .223, and also a second scope mount/scope

    although i dont think the .223 is up to foxing, use the .243 and get a proper calibre for deer

    i have 2, a 308 which is an early one, done lots and will do lots more, and a .243 that i put together for second hand parts.


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    Cheers Offroad Gary, Guess you like them then ha ha...

    Kind Regards


    P.S. Bolt-head, Barrel & mag all come with the .223

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    For some reason Blasers seem to attract people who hate them, people who love them and a small group of "fanboys" who believe that Blaser can do no wrong and anyone who says it can must be eliminated. The fanboys can be found on some Blaser related internet forums, go on there and mention that your Blaser failed to walk on water this morning and they will rip you to shreads.

    I have an R93 and it suits me really well in part because it breaks down easily which makes cleaning easy and transport by car or plane even easier. In my view the convenience factor is really the BIG plus with the Blaser and I guess until you own and use one you don't appreciate that. As a rifle they tend to be accurate, but so do lots of other rifles, and reliable and I would guess they compare well with anything else on the market in that respect.

    What I will say is that, in general, the people who hate them have never owned one and the people who love them do own one. Based on that I don't think you would ever regret buying one, unless it was broken in some way, but be warned that many people who do buy one end up selling all their other rifles and buying worth of Blaser gear.

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    Have to say I love mine. I am a recent convert and I am glad I made the move.

    The first one is expensive, there is no way around that. But if you are careful and keep ay eye out, extra barrels can be had for 300 - 400, saddle mounts for 200 - 250 etc. For 350 you can have a whole "new" Blaser in a different calibre.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Whilst I do like the R93 I wonder at CD's maths 200-250 + 300-400 is a wee bit more than 350. More like 500. Now for that 350 lets see I can get two rifles no bother and if i am lucky and in the right place at the right time three my next two are costing 190 all in. mind you I did get a trifle lucky and one is wholely unsuitable for stalking being a pure target rifle (P-H 1200TX) and of course the other is not a take down and of course being some 50+ years old would never be considered by a lot on the forums .

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