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    Hare Coursing t

    Well as it was a nice morning today 05:30 found me sat expectantly it my newly erected high seat. Saw 2 Roe Does but not the anticipated Buck or Fox. Time was moving on and breakfast was calling when through the hedge the far end of the field appears a figure holding a dog. Then 2 more figures and another dog. So on the phone to the landowner who is now on his way to me and has phoned the police. Bit of a shock to them finding a guy walking across the field towards them armed and carrying a big stick (quad pod) Anyway by now I am walking across the field with the 3 guys. Turns out they have travelled up from South Wales to walk the dogs.

    Oops big finger syndrome hit wrong button on phone trying to load photo
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    Oh right, 100 mile drive to walk the dogs! That explains it then.
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    That was always the excuse when they were caught on Salisbury Plain.
    From Wales 'on their way to a show near London your honour and it's not fair to keep the dogs in the boot for so long so decided to let them stretch their legs your honour'
    The dozy 'Your Honour' accepted that excuse nearly every time.

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    Now the stubbles are here most of the fields round me resemble an AA road map.
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	014.jpg 
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ID:	73828These are my new Welch friends from this morning. I do have other photo's but they will not upload. Reported to the Police along with the reg No. of their silver and black Mitsubishi pick up. The picture shows them trying to depart trouble was they headed for a deep ditch so the older guy (in green) could not get across, they had to walk back across the field to the gate and track (car was parked at the far end). The old guy was wearing a pair of trainers which were not much use in the mud plus he kept complaining that the mud had made his false leg hurt ?. Not sure if the Police caught up with them as I suspect finding a patrol car in rural Oxon at 08:00 am on a bank holiday Sunday would be very tricky indeed.

    And those of you that have or may find yourself in this situation I made damn sure that they knew the 243 was unloaded and I made sure that everything that passed between us was as amicable as possible. Although when the landowner caught up with them on the track the conversation was a little more "Anglo Saxon".

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    Uncle Dai from upper cwmscoot?
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    Shame they didn't have a couple flat tyres when they got back. Would have slowed them down a bit...

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    I'm assuming it's illegal over there?

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    You sound lucky to have met some relatively nice coursers, around us on the North Wessex Downs we get some right nasty b******s, the sort that have no qualms trying to ram you to get out of a field, drive through livestock fences and hedges, steal anything worth taking and corse anything they see. It makes me sick that these scum think they have the right to do anything they want.
    Sorry rant over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GSPhunter View Post
    I'm assuming it's illegal over there?

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    Yes. Hare coursing here is now illegal.
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