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    Just wondered if any of you knowledgable chaps have had any experience with crops of beans adjacent to your stalking.I have a wood which has muntjac roe and fallow in it and the next door neighbour has a field of beans this year.Does anyone know if the deer are likely to be attracted by them Thanks

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    Stone posted something about beans ages ago, he`ll know.
    "He who kills sow with piglets empties the forest of boar" My neighbours dad on new years eve 2011.

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    We sow a fair few acres of beans each year and the roe seem happy enough on them in the earlier growth stages- I wouldn't say they were a deer magnet as they seem to prefer the clover fields next door. We have a decent number of wild deer on our farms but have never seen any significant damage in the bean crops compared to others although they seem to prefer the taller cover it provides towards harvest- unfortunately a few fawns usually fall prey to mr combine.

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    Part of my 2,500 acre lease in Sussex is covered in the bloody stuff!! I have noticed the Roe are ok with it when its young and growing, but once its dried and brown they do not appear to me to be too fond of being in it. Mind you in the warm weather it does have quite a nice scent coming from the flowers at the moment.

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    When the beans are hard and start to drop out of the pods, normally the start of August it should pull most of the fallow out of the wood in the evening. I would put up a high seat now, take into consideration how the wind will be in August. If it is hot they will only come on last light. You should get some good shooting. You could ask the farmer for his tail end beans and feed areas on your shoot. This normally only works when natural food becomes in short supply, after November.

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    Is there any way you could persuade the farmer to run a couple of labs or cockers through the field prior to combining to locate any such fawns? I'm sure all concerned would prefer to see a couple of square yards of beans left standing for a short while than to hear bits of deer rattle through the machine
    Unfortunately not- it's usually my father/ brother or me on the combine and the other running tractors back to the grain dryer- we are usually seriously pressed for time so just can't manage to clear the crops first- its also usually at night time when the headlights are running on the machines. However if anyone in perthshire fancies walking their dogs through first and picking off rabbits/foxes they can find give me a p.m.

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    Unfortunately i have not got the stalking on the fields the beans are in and the does not even reply when you say good morning

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    Bean fields are bit like walking through jungle and some!!!

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    I would rejoice if I was you, in our area they are rare and a magnet for all sorts of wildlife. Last time was years ago and when they combined them I shot 20+ rabbits, there were 3 roe, 2 foxes and game birds in abundance.

    Could not believe how the roe were all but invisible in the them.


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