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Thread: Selena's post

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    Selena's post

    Gentlemen and Ladies,

    I have had a PM from CSL who has informed me that a recent thread posted by one of our lady members Selana has requested that the thread be removed because of such a slating from members.

    I have met Selena and her husband and they seem to me to be decent honest folk. I noticed that because she now is the Managing Editor for the Sporting Rifle she came in for a lot of flack from members. Fair play we all know that the magazine has had a great deal of bad press and a certain individual who is connected with it, is not the most popular man in the hunting/shooting world.

    However I am quite ashamed that the site members treated Selena in such a terrible way. We can be quick to judge, (me included) but before we jump in and start to judge people we should get the full story, and I hope Selena and her husband do not leave the site as members.


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    let selena know my offer is still there and its a shame when someone tries to right some misconceptions they get slated.
    it came across as a decent request.
    i have read the magazine and had years subscription.
    tell selena we are not all stuck in our ways



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    Malcolm -

    There is something about Web forms that seems to encourage some people into behaving towards their fellows in such a way that they would not dare to or dream of in a face to face context. There are a few like that here. On the other hand, most of us are warm of heart and generous of spirit. I hope the more hot-headed will accept the yellow card and calm down a little.
    KevinF -

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    Sorry for my male shovanist attitude but i would take her out for a Buck and if shes good looking as stated then would do it for free ! I hope she gets what she wants and we leave the sporting mag alone to do its best tp shake off its reputation. Sorry selena

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    Well Selena thats nice an appoligy
    And one which should have come without prompting.
    Good luck with your venture.
    Regards john.

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    Yes, we can be too quick to judge at times, but Selena did not get a 'slating' in the thread it was Sporting Rifle and from from having subscribed to that (in my lowly opinion) awful magazine for a lengthy time it is a ragging well-deserved.

    In my contribution to the thread I made it clear that there was nothing whatsoever against Selena and that the dig was with Sporting Rifle. At first I (and someone else) did think that Selena's post was a spoof following on from previous critical and humorous commentary on this site on Sporting Rifle magazine.

    I stand by my claim that it will be an uphill struggle to improve the magazine, but I repeat my best wishes to Selena in her efforts.

    Storm in a teacup really. I am not sure what was offensive, but if anything I have said has caused offence in any way then I am unreservedly sorry.

    50 in post to H4H tomorrow morning.



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    Sporting Rifle has changed for the better since Selena became involved, and I have now started buying it again. You can't please all the people all the time, but I would be very surprised if there isn't a big increase in the readership. I wish her well, and hope that her request for contacts for roe stalking yields results.

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    Thank you Gentlemen,

    No one is to blame here and we are not requesting anyone to leave the site. But please try and remember there is generally two sides to every story, and we are all guilty of judging people wrongly at times.

    I hope the Sporting Rifle Mag, continues to grow, and I would hope that under Selenas guidance as the Managing Editor it will improve, whilst we do not see the return of a certain person on every single page, and I will say my knowledge of African Big Game after 35 years of looking after one of the largest collections in the world is probably slightly more than his (i know modest aint I )

    Also be aware that Admin are aware of one or two members who are back under another name, YOU know who you are, and believe me ADMIN do as well just thought I would mention this just in case you thought you had slipped under our radar.



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    Well said Malc

    There was some initial doubt over the identity of the poster which was unfortunate but understandable, however the lesson here is that when someone posts on the site asking for assistance we treat them the same as we would anyone else which, to our credit, is usually very well.

    The person in question was asking for help to find stalking for an article, that was all. Passing negative criticism on the magazine they work for simply didn't belong there and neither did the sexist comments.

    The helpful, knowledgeable and friendly membership here is our biggest asset and what we hope sets us aside from many other sites out there. Let's just keep doing what we do best, but keep it on topic and keep it positive.


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