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Thread: Sako 85 Finnlight 6.5x55se st/st.

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    Sako 85 Finnlight 6.5x55se st/st.

    Sako 85 M Finnlight st/st fluted barrel, 6.5x55se to be sold with st/st Optilok rings and dpt Lightweight Moderator for 950ono. Will separate and sell rifle for 750ovno without rings or mod. Little used as stalking rifle.

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    Have a bump on me I have the same rifle and calibre cracking setup good luck with the sale
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    Thanks for that, but hardly used and need cash to fund another project.
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    I have a 75 Finnlight the cheapest gun in the cabinet but it's the one I always seem to pick up sub 1/2 inch group with factory ammo 6.5 x55 hornady 140gr

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