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Thread: Schmidt and bender precision hunter 3-12x50

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    Schmidt and bender precision hunter 3-12x50

    To those of you that use the above scope I'm after some info iv had the scope for a while I bought it off a good friend he didn't have the box or manual with it unfortunatly I was hoping someone could tell me what the elevation clicks are on the elevation turret as I'd like to use it for plinking out to 500 on steel here is the turret thanks in advanced for any help. Regards Benji
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    I had 1cm clicks and also 1/4" clicks on precision hunters. Your turret is different to the two I had.
    Best is to fix rifle and put up a tape measurer at 100m/yd and dial up to see how much the crosshair moves. per ten clicks say.
    or if you like to shoot, fire three shots at 100m adjust ten clicks up and fire another three. Measure group distance.

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    ...or just go to the S&B website and download the manual?

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    Unfortunatly their website doesn't seem to show older model scopes manuals

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    Hi Benji,

    I would guess that the adjustments are 1/4 moa and you would zero 1 moa high at 100 yards so the turret markings track properly.


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    Email Schmidt with the serial number.
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    The Precision Hunters were 1/2cm @ 100m adjustments, or at least mine were.

    You might need an inclined rail to get out to 500 with it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Benji53 View Post
    Unfortunatly their website doesn't seem to show older model scopes manuals

    Try this:

    It reports that it's .360" moa per click.

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    Thank you for that bandit that's just the ticket regards Benji

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