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Thread: light moderator for .270

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    light moderator for .270

    I will fairly shortly be looking for a moderator to put on a .270.

    I've only ever used them on rimfires and .222 before, so really know nothing about the heavier duty end of the spectrum.

    What would people recommend? I'd prefer as light and slim as posdible: it will not receive very heavy use, and certainly not range level multi shot strings. Not looking for super quiet: happy to trade weight for silence. Hoping to find something that doesn't look to put of place on a classically styled rifle.

    Muzzle can preferred to over-barrel.

    I had an Atec CMM4 on my .222, and really liked it. Would that be enough for a .270?

    All suggestions very gratefully received.

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    ASE Ultra SL5i

    I have the previous version (SL5) on my .270 - short and light but the latest "i" version as shaved a further hunk of the weight.

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    Hi. I use the CMM4 on my .270 with no bother.

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    i use a riflecraft, HARDY GEN V on my .270 and must say it's very light, over barrel but not too slim

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    Quote Originally Posted by slider View Post
    ASE Ultra SL5i

    I have the previous version (SL5) on my .270 - short and light but the latest "i" version as shaved a further hunk of the weight.
    SL5 on my Sauer 202, used it in Scotland and Africa with no issues at all, if now even lighter would buy another one if ever needed. deerwarden

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    Slim over barrel every time

    what is the purpose?
    noise or recoil?

    no free lunch in the trade off.

    if it is screw cut 1/2" or 14/1 you are welcome to test an effective noise and recoil reducer but not light!
    looking at an ate cover barrel for my next rifle

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    I've got one for sale as it happens! This one weighs only 180 grams and would suit a .270

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    There is an issue with cmn4 that if you strip it down the warranty is invalid. The DPT is almost exactly the same, slightly cheaper and also stripable without warranty invalidation. Great mods that work. Use one in my 6.5 swede and just got another for my 30-06.


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