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Thread: Torque screwdriver

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    Torque screwdriver

    As the title said, can anyone recommend a good quality torque screwdriver to use on my scope rings? Thanks

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    +1. Had one for years and it does the job.

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    Thanks all, just ordered one!

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    You won't regret it & remember to unwind the torque before storing.

  6. #6 they are very good easy and clear.

    the drop down is for the wheeler

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    I have one of the Original Borka Torque Wrench, I think the agents are Brock & Norris

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    this will do the job, on Ebay for around 28
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    I have one of the grey plastic ones with a "torx" shaped end. Well worth the money to save the problem of over-tightening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paul o' View Post they are very good easy and clear.

    the drop down is for the wheeler
    Says he won't ship to uk. Well actually says 'may not' ship to uk
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