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Thread: Current prices per kg of venison

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    Current prices per kg of venison


    Can anyone please advise me on the expected current price /kg for a chest shot fallow carcass selling to either a Butcher, farm shop or a game dealer. I understand that there will be local variation. The last post I could find was from 2015. Have Dsc1 so can provide correct paperwork.

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    Just spoke to Peterborough Game and they are currently paying 2.80/kg for all carcasses head shot, with reductions depending on damage due to the shot position. That's if you take it in yourself.

    No idea if that's good, bad or ugly as I've never sold any yet! What I do know is you are likely to wait 4-6 weeks for the money if they are still the same as the last time I took any rabbits!!

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    Still 3.20 per kg and has been for the last few years..

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    Where's the 3:20?

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    Getting 2.70 for roe and 1.80 for sika red and fallow up in Scotland.

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    getting 1 per lb down here in wiltshire and it hurts

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    2.00 for Roe,2.60 for Red and fallow,collected,head or chest shot.

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    3/kg for roe and no need for head shot.

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    Peterborough Game are OK but they are encouraging dodgy head shots. They have quite a punitive system of reduction for chest,shoulder and saddle shots. I don't sell mine to dealers fortunately so have no problems. With 2 sons, 9 grandkids (2 married)and one or two close friends who all seem to live on venison, it's surprising how many carcasses disappear very quickly.
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    What form do you fill in when handing venison over to a dealer? Not done dsc 1 but qualified vet so should be able to sign for carcasses,(do a lot of public health as part of the degree).

    How are you handing the beasts over? Skin on? Head + legs off? Only shoot the odd beast for myself but interested to know

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