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Thread: How many adult foxs in UK

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    How many adult foxs in UK

    Yesterday whilst on route to work I saw a dead tagged fox on the hard shoulder of the M5 SB by J18a.

    I reported it to the mammal gp at Bristol Univ and whilst on their web site took a look at the fox section. According to the British mammal soc surveys they put the adult fox population at 225,000.

    Thinking about it and the fact than my buddy and I shot about 100 foxess a year going out once a week and we normally see far more than we shoot . If there were 100 people in Glos doing the same it would be 10,000 per year. If this was reflected nationwide and taking into the amount killed by traffic, dogs and by other means then surely foxes would be exctinct in UK.

    On monday we didn't shot a fox but saw 4 in a couple of hours so despite our best efforts there are still plenty about ( they were all adults)

    Clearly the poulation is much bigger than current estimates, but how big I ponder?

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    I wouldn't like to guess but If you take what people shoot, I used to shoot/snare 150 foxes a year from 4000acres, in the immediate area that was keepered [10000acres] approx 500 foxes a year were killed, I don't think it was that foxy an area compared to further south , so I would guess the population would be into the million mark

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    Bob Bucknel lin "Foxing with lamp and Rifle" suggests the population to be about 240,000 with the 400,000 young being produced each year replacing that approx number killed by various means. Those figures were based on 20,000 killed by hunts in 1998. Clearly the situation is different now with hunting not featuring (as much)!!
    Personally, after a lifetime spent dealing with foxes I am sure the overall population is now much higher than we realise, and certainly more than there were Climate change, food sources, hunting ban, all have their effect and in the area I cover as a keeper and fox controller there are without doubt far more than I can ever remember. National population? huge.

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    If there is 1.5 million deer in the UK, and the vast majority of the populace never see one alive, how many foxes are there??

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    Judging by the post regarding totals shot for each lamp in use, (ours are similar figures), there must be many many more than the estimate given, we are just starting on the new batch here in Cheshire ( first cub shot last week), & just starting to see young single fox on the road margins.
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    i recall some stats a few years back for roe deer in the uk, i think that eventually turned out to be 75% short of the actual amounts

    if the same was proven for this then the 1millions not far off really.

    thats one fox to every six people, isnt that worth a thought....


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    Quote Originally Posted by www.yorkshireroestalking. View Post
    thats 999,999 to many then.
    john i see where this is going, you dont like foxes ....

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    Hate them but with ducks here and pheasants next week I hate them X2

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